iPhone Wallpapers Download Guide and Common Issues

Below are the instructions on how to download our wallpapers to your iPhone and how to set it as your wallpaper. If you have any issues with your iPhone wallpaper settings, refer to the common issues articles below:

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How do I download and save wallpapers to my iPhone or computer?

Browse through our huge selection of wallpapers from our homepage or select a specific category from the top menu or sidebar links. Once you selected the wallpaper you want to download, it will take you to the "wallpaper page" where you will find the green "download buttons". The dimension you need to download will depend on your iPhone model (See here for more info).

Once you figure out the dimension you want to download, just click that specific download button and the wallpaper will then open in a new window. All you have to do now is save the wallpaper, if you're browsing the website from your iPhone just tap and hold your screen until another popup screen shows up and just select "Add to Photos" from that screen. If you're on your desktop/laptop just right click and select "Save image as…" (the exact text will depend on your internet browser). The wallpaper is now downloaded and saved to your iPhone or desktop/laptop!

If you saved the wallpaper from your desktop/laptop and want to transfer to your iPhone, click here to find out how.

Which wallpaper dimension or size should I download?

Our iPhone wallpapers are currently available in different dimensions and sizes depending on your iPhone model. See below to find out which dimension you will need to download for your iPhone. Please note that some of our wallpapers are not available in all dimensions. The wallpaper setup below is: width x height

iPhone 1st gen: 320x480
iPhone 3G: 320x480
iPhone 3GS: 320x480
iPhone 4: 640x960
iPhone 4S: 640x960
iPhone 5: 640x1136
iPhone 5S: 640x1136
iPhone 5C: 640x1136
iPhone 6: 750x1334
iPhone 6 Plus: 1080x1920
iPhone 6S: 750x1334
iPhone 6S Plus: 1080x1920
iPhone SE (2016): 640x1136
iPhone 7: 750x1334
iPhone 7 Plus: 1080x1920
iPhone 8: 750x1334
iPhone 8 Plus: 1080x1920
iPhone X: 1125x2436
iPhone XS: 1125x2436
iPhone XS Max: 1242x2688
iPhone XR: 828x1792
iPhone 11: 828x1792
iPhone 11 Pro: 1125x2436
iPhone 11 Pro Max: 1242x2688
iPhone SE (2020): 750x1334
iPhone 12: 1170x2532
iPhone 12 mini: 1125x2436
iPhone 12 Pro: 1170x2532
iPhone 12 Pro Max: 1284x2778
iPhone 13: 1170x2532
iPhone 13 mini: 1080x2340
iPhone 13 Pro: 1170x2532
iPhone 13 Pro Max: 1284x2778
iPhone 14: 1170x2532
iPhone 14 Plus: 1284x2778
iPhone 14 Pro: 1176x2556
iPhone 14 Pro Max: 1290x2796

How do I transfer wallpapers to my iPhone?

Note that if you browsed our website and saved the wallpaper directly from your iPhone, the wallpapers will be located in your "Photos" section. If you used a desktop or laptop computer and want to transfer the wallpapers to your iPhone read on below…

Transfer wallpaper using Airdrop: If you have an Apple device you can use your device Airdrop feature to transfer the wallpaper between your devices.

Access wallpaper from iCloud or Cloud service: You can transfer the wallpaper in your iCloud (if you have an Apple device) or any other Cloud services and access your Cloud account from your iPhone.

Send wallpaper as an email attachment: Attach the wallpaper in your email and send the email to yourself. Then just access your email account from your iPhone and download the wallpaper attachment you just sent to yourself.

Connect iPhone to computer and iTunes: Connect your iPhone to your computer and use iTunes sync feature to transfer files (ie. wallpapers) between your computer and iPhone.

How do I set the wallpaper as my lock/home screen wallpaper?

From your Settings screen:
Using the current iOS version at the time of writing this article as a guide, from your iPhone you will need to go to "Settings" > "Wallpaper" and tap on "Choose a New Wallpaper". It will then take you to a page where you can select the wallpaper from different folders. When you saved our wallpaper from your iPhone, the wallpaper is usually under "All Photos" in your Photos album. If you downloaded and saved from your computer and then sync via iTunes or Airdrop from your Apple device it will entirely depend on which section/folder you decided to add the wallpaper to.

From your Photos album:
You can also select the wallpaper you want to use from your "Photos" section. From the "Photos" section, browse through your photos and tap on the wallpaper you want to use and then click on the "arrow pointing up" icon from the bottom left corner. A new window will popup, from there scroll down until you find "Use as Wallpaper", tap that and you should be able to set the photo as your new wallpaper.

Note that the exact steps maybe different depending on your iPhone model and iOS version. However, for the most part the steps are quite similar and self-explanatory.

How come some wallpapers are not available in some dimensions? has been established since the 1st generation of the iPhone so some of our wallpapers are only designed for the older models of the iPhone. iPhone technology has evolved overtime and displays gets bigger and better therefore the iPhone wallpaper width and height dimension has increased in size as well. We always released new batch of wallpapers that will be compatible with the most recent iPhone models and we also do our best to make all our wallpapers (old and new) compatible with all iPhone models without sacrificing the quality of the wallpapers.

Will this wallpapers work on my iPod Touch?

Yes, absolutely! Just read on below to find out which dimension you should download for your iPod Touch:

iPod Touch 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation: 320x480
iPod Touch 4th generation: 640x960
iPod Touch 5th, 6th and 7th generation: 640x1136

My question is not listed above. What do I do now?

Contact us and we will do our best to answer your question as soon as possible.

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